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    Paranoya Movie 3 (Searching Actors)

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    Paranoya Movie 3 (Searching Actors)

    Post by BreaXta on 22/1/2011, 09:01

    Hey Ladys and Gents Smile

    at this Sat till Sun we need more actors to go on with our final part Smile

    all ppl are welcome

    to apply as an actor pls reply with this Form :

    IGN : "Your ingame name"
    LVL : "Your lvl"
    Fraction : "Your class - Modo,Lupin etc"
    Gender : "Male,Female"


    All actors of Paranoya are permanent actors and u agree with all terms if you join our Media Group. We only do Jade Dynasty Ingame Movies,Videos and Events. You have to be aviable and take ur time when we need you. Our Recordings takes only at the weekends from noon to the night. You also agree to promote us and show ur friends our movies to get even more popular.
    All names are shown at the end of the Videos (Copyright).

    Last word : Help us as much u can because WE <-> Are You

    Greetings :
    Paranoya Media Group....a VoiceS Production Wink

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    Re: Paranoya Movie 3 (Searching Actors)

    Post by AniLiem on 23/1/2011, 05:02

    IGN : AniLiem
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    Fraction : Jadeon dagos
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    Re: Paranoya Movie 3 (Searching Actors)

    Post by Guest on 23/1/2011, 18:52

    Ign : EpicPig
    lvl: 144
    faction: jadeon
    gender : male

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    Re: Paranoya Movie 3 (Searching Actors)

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