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    Expansion coming soon!


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    Expansion coming soon! Empty Expansion coming soon!

    Post by Necroloth 8/12/2011, 00:10


    Expansion happening mid December! getting Incense Valley Mage and Barbe factions and also a new instance with possible drops being pieces of the Kirin Sigil!

    exciting times! Maybe I should plvl an alt to 150unasc to get straight into the new classes!
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    Expansion coming soon! Empty Re: Expansion coming soon!

    Post by AniLiem 8/12/2011, 07:31

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    Expansion coming soon! Empty Re: Expansion coming soon!

    Post by AniLiem 8/12/2011, 07:34


    The battles of Incense Valley will play out in the new Crimson Peaks instance. This is both the largest instance ever released for “Jade Dynasty” and the most advanced, including the most requested feature for our instances: players who get disconnected while in Crimson Peaks will be able to rejoin the instance.

    (Want to know more about Crimson Peaks? Check back on December 12!)

    Mark your calendars for mid-December, because the secrets and power of Incense Valley will be unsealed. And just to whet your appetite for the release… how does an in-game, Crimson Peaks quest for a refining sigil sound?
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    Expansion coming soon! Empty Re: Expansion coming soon!

    Post by KoLin 9/12/2011, 22:28

    but still not Brahma Land Sad
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    Expansion coming soon! Empty Re: Expansion coming soon!

    Post by AniLiem 11/12/2011, 18:45

    New Instance: Incense Valley

    Expansion coming soon! 33lgmio

    In this instance, there are several fuctions. There is no need to wait for certain time period to activate the instance. Players can activate the instance at anytime. There is no realm restriction. Players from different realm can enter the same instance. Any level of player will receive enchanted stats, instance gear, and tier 5 skills. No experience lost or use puppet when character dies. When character disconnected from the server, player can relog back into the instance again. Boss will drops +10 Sigil Fragment. Collect them and exchange for +10 Sigil.

    Infernal Array of Vis
    According to the Chinese legend, God of Water Gong Gong rebel and fought the God of Fire Zhu Rong. Gong Gong was defeated by Zhu Rong. Due to his anger, he smashed his head on western pillar at Mount Buzhou, caused the sky to crack and corrupt. The water from the heaven river flooded the human world. Unending disaster filled the earth. Nuwa could not bear the human's suffer so she crafted the Seven Color Stone to repair the wall of heaven, cut off the ancient tortoise's leg to act as the pillar to support the heaven.

    Although the Seven Color Stone is a divine rock, its evil energy must went to somewhere else when Nuwa crafted it. The evil energy remained inside of the forge. The evil energy was later being used by Exquisite Jade and created the Beastlord.

    Incense Valley and Incense Faction
    To prevent the evil energy from coming out of the forge, Nuwa summoned the heralds from both Human and Athans. Incense Valley was built by the Human herald for defending the Infernal Array of Vis. Unfortunately, because the Valley head went missing, the Infernal Array of Vis became mysterious. For generations, the Incense protected the Infernal Array of Vis because their ancestor told them to do so, without knowing the reason behind it.

    Battle in Incense Valley
    Five hundreds years ago, the Human and the Athans descided to uncover the secret behind the Infernal Array of Vis. They were gathered at Incense Valley for the first time. But once they got into a little misunderstanding with each other, the evil energy found its way and taken over their mind, and finally tiggered a battle.

    Taihao of Athans
    When Nuwa was gone, Taihao Herald of Athans had sacrificed his body to seal the evil energy, and at the same time he began to lose his consciousness. Until Exquisite Jade created Beastlord, the seal had lossen, Taihao Herald regain his consciousness, came out from the Infernal Valley of Vis, stopped the evil energy and the battle in Incense Valley. However his body had not completely escape from the seal yet. Later, finally Taihao Herald had truly escaped from the seal, the race of Taihao appeared in this world.

    Vanti the Etherblade
    Vanti the Etherblade had experienced the Incense Vally batte hundred years ago. He could not let the same tragedy to happen again. He swore his life to completely remove the Beastlord and the evil energy from this world.

    Sign up: Wasteland Herald [173, 179]

    Lvl requirement: 60-150

    Players limit: 10-25 Players

    Prepare, sign up time: 10 minutes

    Daily limit: 1 times

    Exit time: 5 minutes before instance end

    Time limit: 1 hour and 30 minutes

    1st stage:

    I. Follow the path to a forked road (Incense Valley disciples will attack you on the way), then dig the rock, both roads can lead to Anshan Boudoir.

    It will activate: First boss (Vim Herald Sinwu and Mr. Gho) , and NPC (Vanti the Etherblade and Negar)

    II. Sinwu and Mr. Gho planned to obtain the item inside the Infernal Array of Vis and attack their own allies. Help Vanti the Etherblade to stop them from killing their own allies.

    III. Boss strategy:

    1. Sinwu has extremely high health and defense, also able to cause Darkness effect.

    2. Before Sinwu dies, Mr. Gho is in invincible status. 10s after Sinwu died, Mr. Gho's invincible status disappear.

    3. Once the fight begins, the first respawn point will activate. If players die, they can respawn from there.

    4. When Mr. Gho's hp is less than 98%, 60%, and 30%, it will summon ten Modo disciples. They can be killed, disappear after 120s, or disappear when Mr. Gho dies.

    5. Every minute Mr. Gho will use poison, last for 20 seconds, 1500 damage every 2 seconds, last tick dead 2500 damage.

    6. After Mr. Gho died, the reward NPC for first stage appear. It will activate new Vanti and Negar NPC, at the same time stop the Vanti and Negar NPC that were in combat.

    IV. The monsters inside the Incense Valley will drop exp pills and special weapons for every factions. They are only usable in the instance and will disappear when player leave, Exp pills can be exchange for Taichi pills.

    V. The new Vanti and Negar NPC will have a short conversation, then Negar disappear, Vanti will lead the players through a complicated path then disappear. Players will arrive at the boss at second stage.

    2nd stage:

    I. After players go through the suspension bridge and the cave, they will arrive at second stage. There is a hp regenerate buff on the platform.

    II. Talk to Vanti, then it will activate the second boss Pufeng, different factions friendly NPC, and second stage respawn point.

    III. Boss strategy:

    1. Pufeng regenerate 10% hp every 2 minutes.

    2. Pufeng is able to use health regain skill and freeze skill.

    3. The scene will endlessly spawn Incense disciples. Yes it is nice to farm the Honor Gems off from those disciples, but maybe you should consider complete the instance instead of farming.

    4. After the boss died, it will activate the NPC disciples of all factions, a unconscious Skysong disciple, and the second stage reward NPC.

    IV. Talk to the unconscious Skysong disciple and save him. It will activate teleport circles, (There are two teleports on each platforms with three platforms in total. You have to choose the correct teleport three times in a row, or else you will teleport back to stage two again.) stage three boss, third respawn point. After a simple conversation, the second stage NPC will disappear.

    3rd Stage:

    I. Teleport to third stage then you will see the third boss Shan Gong Yao and the hp regenerate buff.

    II. Boss strategy:

    1. Shan Gong Yao has very high damage, and also ability to use Incense faction skills.

    2. When 30s after combat, hp less than 60%, hp less than 30%, the boss will summon Incense disciples. For the first two wave, there will be ten disciples, last summon will be twenty disciples. Incense disciples will use stun every ten seconds, with the strength of 300.

    3. After the boss died, the third stage reward NPC and eight Wasteland Pillars will appear.

    III. Accept quest from the Wasteland Pillar, there is chance to activate the next stage, if fail, five Incense disciples will appear. Each person can take the quest every 20s.

    IV. If successfully activated the fourth stage, you can not retake the quest from Wasteland Pillar.

    V. After successfully activated the fourth stage, the fourth boss Beastlord Soul will appear in Soulflame Temple, fourth respawn point. Next to the third stage, NPC Vanti and Negar will reappear, Vanti will lead the players into the Soulflame Temple.

    4th Stage:

    I. Follow Vanti and enter Soulflame Temple, you will find Beastlord Soul and fourth hp regenerate buff.

    II. Boss strategy:

    1. The first Beastlord Soul will use AoE every one minute, reduce players' hp by 50%

    2. After the first Beastlord Soul died, it will activate the second Beastlord Soul. Every minute and half, it will reduce players' hp to 30%

    3. After the second Beastlord Soul died, it will activate the third Beastlord Soul. Once it entered combat, it will immediately use an AoE, reduce players' hp by 10%.

    4. 10s after third Beastlord Soul appear, TaiHao Herald appear and kill the third Beastlord Soul.

    5. After the third Beastlord Soul died, it will activate reward NPC Vanti (receive stage four reward and weekly reward.) Also it has 0.02% chance to open the hidden stage.

    III. If hidden stage does not activate, the instance will be completed at fifth stage, can use instance interface or wait until the instance to end and leave the instance.

    IV. If hidden stage does activate, you can go to the teleport behind the reward NPC and go to hidden boss Exquisite Jade.

    5th Stage:

    I. Boss strategy

    1. This boss, Old Child, will release one hit skill after a period amount of time. Can be avoid by running out of range when the boss shout out the hint.

    2. The boss will be disappear after five minutes, then the instance will end.

    3. Large amount of drops.

    Hidden Stage:

    I. It will teleport players to Hall of Surveys, where the hidden boss Exquisite Jade, hp regenerate buff, and hidden stage respawn point located.

    II. Boss strategy:

    1. Every 60s, it has chance to use AoE silence, stun, or sleep.

    2. When the boss died, it will activate the hidden stage reward NPC

    III. You can receive one +10 Sigil fragment from hidden stage reward NPC, you can also exchange +10 Sigil fragments for a +10 Sigil.[/font]

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