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    next JD expansion Empty next JD expansion

    Post by Necroloth on 24/8/2011, 18:51

    taken from the JD forums...

    This one is the up coming expansion in ZX, Zhu Xian Prologue: The Birth of Regenesis. Or rather call it, Journey to the Wildlands. (I will translate that once I finish Zhu Xian, I will treat that story as "Zhu Xian-extra) Journey to the Wildlands is the prologue of Zhu Xian, which is about Tian Bolis, Cang Song, Vanti the Etherblade, Cheng Shu Chang, Shang Zheng Liang, and Surin together set out a mission to wipe out the Felkin heretics of the Wildlands. It is also the reason why Anan, Bilu, and Shaw Danon came together.

    So far, there are two main details about this expansion. (Don't ask me about Elysium map)

    -Two New Faction: Incense and one other Athen, perhaps Barbe.

    -Skill adjustment.

    Incense is a well balanced fire mage class. They have burn attack and also fire array defense. Have good survivability in battle. Probably not going to have as high damage as Rayan, but will still have quite strong Dps and defense.

    Weapon is ring. Use it to summon sword to attack. The esper will be the Mystic Fire Seal. It probably won't summon a Wasteland Dragon out there and wipe out don't get excited about that.

    Barbe, or whatever that Athen is, is a fist fighter, kind of between Balo and Lupin. They will have good defense and damage like Incense, but more direct unlike the burn Incense has. Not so much info about that faction at the moment....

    As for skill adjustment-

    Modo: Improve bleed damage and also low tier skills so new players can lvl up faster.

    Lupin: Reduce skill cooldown and increase damage.

    Balo: Increase resistance, adjustment on Balo's skill distance.

    Arden: Add remove negative status skill

    Celan: Increase base stats, reduce skill sp cost

    Skysong: Quicker channel speed for buff, improve some skill damage

    Rayan: Second stealth skill, does not share the same cooldown with other stealth skill

    Jadeon: Increase survivability, reduce channel time, increase single target damage attack

    Vim: Speed buff has effect on mount, improved defense, crit, damage and reduce cooldown for some skills.

    According to a Wanmei staff, the Athen is still in final decision on what change should be made, so not much detail about it.


    - Faithful defender have 40% chance of absorbing damage. The total damage absorb equal to sum of caster's max hp+sp

    - Seven Disasters increase extra damage, MS's damage equation adjusted.

    - Embodiment Truth effect adjusted.

    - Heaven's Howl effect increased.


    - Windrunner increase speed by 75%, work on mount

    - Reduce cooldown of Perpetual Loneliness, Clever Rebuttal, and few t3 skills.

    - Profane Path give crit damage increase.


    - Skyseeker's accuracy depend on the chroma lvl difference of caster and target.

    - The benefit gain from form increased.


    - Immeasurable Truth 2 sleep effect depend on the chroma lvl difference of caster and target.

    - Some skills' heal amount change to percentage.

    - The Four Elements can release all at once.


    - Increased effect of Blessing of Spring and Positive Reinforcement.

    - River Dweller crit damage increased.


    - Added some control skills, but there is a bug in test server.


    - Stealth will be weakened, clone stay the same, real Rayan will be stronger but lower evasion.

    - Skill that can see invisible Rayan?

    Oh P.S have info about expansion there....and sorry, google translate won't work there.
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    Post by BreaXta on 25/8/2011, 03:05

    omg BOS FTW x3

    next JD expansion Ikkitousensignaturbyxem

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    Post by Necroloth on 25/8/2011, 03:06

    what does BOS do?
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    Post by Upgrade on 25/8/2011, 04:27

    nice Very Happy:D

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    Post by Left on 27/8/2011, 05:46

    blessing of spring in short bos its skill that works like vims raja from t5

    next JD expansion Fox1q1

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    Post by Necroloth on 11/9/2011, 15:31

    Updated faction changes:

    Heart Sutra: Increase healing effect, adjust cooldown.

    Glowing Aura: Increase healing effect, sp cost base on caster's max sp.

    Immeasurable Truth: Reduce sp cost.

    Erratic Course: Give additional damage base on caster's sleep resistance, each rank increase crit rate, increase range.

    Sunken Mirror: Adjusted to crit rate increase for each level of Soul Mirror.

    Spring Dew: For each points in passive faction skills, increase crit damage.

    Bodhi's Thunder: Use any of the healing skill will release all hp buff effects.

    Kasaya Sky: Reduce sleep resistance.

    Unbound Scripture: Increase sleep strength.

    Gather Spirit: Reduce cooldown

    Charge: Increase damage increase effect, increase cooldown.

    Splitting Strike: If it is a crit, it will remove target's speed buff, also maintain the skill's original effect.

    Djinn Fire: Increase cooldown

    Infatuation: Unlimited damage absorb

    Windrunner: Able to use while mounted, increase buff duration, extreme speed increase for short period of time.

    Incandescence: Djinn Fire's crit rate increase adjusted to reduce target's critnull.

    Sacred Word: Increase caster's defense when using Infatuation.

    Unrelenting Resentment: Splitting Strike has extra crit rate.

    Faithful Defender: Adjust absorb effect, remove absorb limit.

    Magnificent Spirit: Add spirit surge effect.

    Crescent Moonblade: Increase paralyze strength, affect by caster's resistance.

    Charge: Reduce cooldown

    Astral Traveler: Increase slow duration, increase cooldown, slow chance increase.

    Song of Seven: Increase damage output depend on target's debuff and caster's buff.

    Righteous Forbearance: Single target skills damage is increased when maxed, damage effects can stack among the skills.

    Dawn's Clearing: Each ranks give addition effect base on caster's paralyze resistance in percentage.

    Demonic Posture: Higher the rank, less resistance penalty receive.

    Charge: Remove the effect that reset cooldown for Ember Prison and Bloodstained Soul.

    Worn Evil: Shadow Strike 4

    Ghost of the Wronged: Reduce target's critnull.

    Surprise Assault: Shadow Strike 5

    Forest of Laughter: Shadow Strike 6

    Blood God's Bath: Give an additional buff for Bloodstained Soul that has chance to increase Sky Seeker's bleed effect.

    Ember Prison: Caster's hp reduction will be same as targets' hp reduction.

    Chill Wind: Ghost of the Wronged has chance to extreme debuff target's crit rate, crit damage.

    Fire on the Mountain: Reduce target's max hp.

    Misleading Illusion: Positive reinforcement give skill accuracy bonus.

    Gate to the Heart: Increase crit damage.

    Without Regret: Reduce Without Regret's cooldown.

    Ant's Feeler: Increase the damage increase effect when Tremble hit a crit.

    Cliff Ghost Pace: Shadow Return and Blink Move's skill evasion can stack.

    Longevity: When shadow is summoned, Rayan's max hp increased.

    Crescent Moon: Has chance to have extreme resistance bless.

    Esteem: Increase resistance.

    Mystic Forecast: Increase Spirit Sediment's chance to remove negative effect.

    Lingering Tune: Increase silence chance.

    Graceful Wave: Increase Arden's basic resistance.

    Free Wander: Wind Walker increase Arden's paralyze resistance.

    Tone of Frost: Increase range, increase healing effect.

    Tone of Winter: Increase skill damage increase blessing.

    Blow: Petals Drop: Reduce sp cost.

    Casual Humming: Increase range.

    Spectacular Echo: Increase Celan's crit rate.

    Accent of Wonder: Increase Celan's crit damage and sleep resistance.

    Blood Bathed: Increase stun and weaken resistance.

    Spirited: Increase silence and sleep resistance.

    Powerful Aid: Increase Powerful Aid's range.

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    Post by SamuraiBG on 13/10/2011, 05:30

    i am glad cz vims wont be so slow

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